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Juwel Primo 70 White (70L)






  • Description


61 x 31 x 44 cm

70 Litres

Experience the easiest entry into the world of aquariums with start of the art components.


A deluxe 70 litre glass aquarium that features modern LED lighting and efficient filtration.


The Primo 70 features a sinlge Novolux LED lighting which has 60 single LED's. This light is particularly effective (8 watt consumption). The hood allows up to 3 Novolux units to be placed which can be purchased separately. 


The special design of the Primo hood, means that any condensation is conducted back into the aquarium when it is closed. The hood is compatible with the Juwel Automatic Fish Feeder (sold separately).


The Primo 70 is equipped with a high performance BioFlow One Filter. This internal filter combines efficiency and aesthetics. The Bioflow is equipped with media and circulates an efficient 300 l/ph using only 4.4W of power. Slotted into the back parcel of the filter is the included 50W adjustable heater, to ensure the aquarium stays the correct temperature. This unique set, means that there is more space in the aquarium for you to utilise!

Litres Dimensions (L x W x H) cm LED Filter  Heater
70 L 61 x 31 x 44 cm  8W 300 l/ph 4.4W 50W



  • Glass aquarium 
  • LED lighting
  • Filter with media
  • Adjustable heater