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Reef Factory Thermo View





  • Description
Thermo view - a device that monitors the temperature in your tank (a modern and smart thermometer).

This intelligent device monitors the temperature in your marine aquarium or its surroundings, for example in a room where the sump is located. 

Thermo View works like a traditional thermometer, but it is based on modern technologies.

This state-of-the-art thermometer monitors the water temperature in your aquarium 24/7.
The measurement data is presented online or in the application.
Apart from that, the system will alert you if the temperature exceeds the specified range.

User friendly, modern device management system.

This device can be controlled easily and conveniently via a phone application, a browser, on a laptop or our website.

No need for a central computer.

Data can be previewed online, and the device can be configured via a browser on a laptop or an application on your smartphone.
The temperature level is clearly displayed.

Additionally, you may safeguard your aquarium by setting alerts triggered if the specified temperature values are reached.
After connecting the device to the Smart Reef system, you will be able to receive text notifications directly to your phone.
You don’t need any external computers to connect the device via a Wi-Fi network.
The device has everything you need.

iOS and Android
This device can be controlled from any place in the world via a phone application or our website.

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Without unnecessary cables, the device connects with a home router using the built-in Wi-Fi module.

Smart Reef
The device is ready to be used in Smart Reef - our versatile system designed for comprehensive aquarium management. No expensive central computer is required