Eheim Impeller Shaft for Pick Up Internal Filter

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This genuine Eheim replacement part is an impeller shaft designed for Pick Up internal filters and AquaBall filter systems.

  • Eheim Pick Up Internal Filters (all models)
  • Eheim AquaBall Filters (all models)
  • Eheim 2006/2008/2010/2012 Filters

Part No. 7480500


The Eheim Impeller Shaft is a critical component of your Eheim internal filter or AquaBall filter. It connects the impeller to the motor shaft, enabling the impeller to rotate and generate water flow through the filter.


  • Genuine Eheim spare part
  • Ensures proper water circulation within your aquarium filter
  • Essential for maintaining filter performance
  • Fits a variety of Eheim internal filter models


  • Restores optimal filter performance by replacing a worn or damaged impeller shaft
  • Promotes a healthy aquarium environment by ensuring proper water flow and filtration


The Eheim Impeller Shaft is a replacement part and should be installed according to your specific Eheim filter model's instructions. Replacement is generally a straightforward process.

Additional Information:

  • It is recommended to replace the impeller shaft periodically to ensure optimal filter performance.

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